Moora Studs

Moora HILLS Poll Dorset Stud

Moora Hills Poll Dorset stud started in 2007 following the purchase of "The Braes" Poll Dorset stud from the late Mr Don Hanson, with the foundation ewes being pure Allendale bloodlines.  Rams have since been purchased from Allendale (A Rex 03/0300 - Reserve champion Adelaide show), and other studs including Leenala, Banyenong West, and our most recent ram purchases from Gloroy and Derrynock.

At Moora Hills quality is the fundamental driving force, we strive to produce a product that suits both commercial and seed stock buyers.  Moora Hills is aiming to sell quality rams that are well structured, fast growing, high yielding and a good downs wool type; producing lambs to suit both domestic or export markets.

The Poll Dorsets make up a small part of the sheep operation at Moora, the commercial flock is a self replacing Corriedale and 1st cross flock, consisting of roughly 1800 ewes.

Upcoming on property ram sale Octobor 12th, 2022

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